Heart Work

Bringing out the best in yourself and in others – at home and at work. A tool to strengthen your self-esteem and encourage others.


Heart Work

Emotional Intelligence – Improving personal and organisational effectiveness

Heart Work is about achieving better results for individuals, teams and organisations. It is about improving organisational performance.

It is based on Claus Møller’s many years of experience from working with culture change in various kinds of organisations in
more than forty countries.

In the past, organisations have competed for customers and market share. Today, and even more so in the future, organisations will also have to compete for the best employees.

An organisation which can attract the best people, retain them and inspire them to perform at their best is not only professionally competent. It is also emotionally and socially competent.

Emotionally and socially competent organisations have what Claus Møller calls an Employeeship culture. Employeeship is a special kind of commitment characterised by everyone demonstrating responsibility, loyalty, initiative, trust and energy.

People displaying Employeeship are not only professionally competent, they are also emotionally and socially competent. They are willing to bring out their best in whatever they do. They bring their hearts to work.

Heart Work is designed to walk the reader through a basic understanding of what emotional intelligence is, why it is important for the individual and for organisations, and how to improve it and apply it in the workplace.

Heart Work adds a new dimension to other known EI approaches by pioneering and launching the concept of Organisational EI.

Working with Organisational EI will help your organisation make the best use of everyone’s talents, grow the human capital and create better results.

Pages: 240.

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