Consulting services

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Claus Møller Consulting offers advisory solutions that address each client’s unique needs along their business transformation and human capital strategic journey.

We help our clients in four main areas:

Our experts have amassed in-depth experience in their industries, offering a unique combination of business excellence and talent development expertise. We leverage our ecosystem of partners to give clients access to the world of technology and expert know-how, enabling them to achieve success through general business excellence and talent development measures.

Our approach

Driving strategic transformation, human capital, and business excellence alignment

Our regional team taps deep into a unique, clear, and concise knowledge pool and technological expertise to provide best-in-class solutions. We go beyond people and business strategy development to connect the dots and derive implications for our client’s individual business models. Claus Møller Consulting is an expert in understanding ecosystem-based business models and can help to create new platforms that foster business value through cooperation and collaboration.

We emphasize talent development through the General Business Excellence value-based approach that yields lasting results.

We work across various industries such as manufacturing, IT, service, retail, automotive, pharmaceutical, hospitality, and healthcare, and we collaborate closely with our clients internationally. Our projects range from HR analytics, strategy development and implementation, human capital development, and customer service excellence. We have the right experts to support you with your individual needs to enable long-lasting value for your business.

Why Claus Møller ConsultingConsulting?


Proprietary expertise

We tap into 45+ years of Claus Møller Consulting leadership. We combine deep talent development know-how with broad industry experience in strategy, HRM, and people development.


Business transformation

Strategy development & business excellence implementation. We refine your vision, set clear priorities and focus on impact by delivering tangible results. We are future-oriented with a customer and employee implementation focus.


Implementation capabilities

We deliver end-to-end human capital solutions by leveraging our Claus Møller Consulting ecosystem and using state-of-the-art digital know-how and expertise. Our know-how, implementation capabilities and resources are unparalleled.


Enabling our clients’ success

We believe in a collaborative working approach. We work alongside our clients to unlock their business excellence future and develop implementable and impactful results.