A Complaint is a Gift

From complaint to satisfaction. A unique concept and tool to help you regain your unhappy customers’ trust and keep all your customers.


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A Complaint is a Gift

From complaints to satisfaction

A Complaint is a Gift (ACAG) is a unique concept and a practical tool to ensure customer satisfaction which is crucial to the future of an organisation.

Satisfied customers are “goodwill” ambassadors of the organisation, and they buy again. Dissatisfied customers don’t buy again. They are instrumental in giving the organisation a bad reputation, which no marketing campaigns can iron out. Therefore, it is surprising how many organisations focus very much on winning new customers, and very little on keeping the existing ones. Especially since the cost of winning a new customer is at least 5 times the cost of keeping an existing one.

One of the reasons why an organisation is losing customers can be inappropriate handling of complaints. A complaint is a gift. Without complaints the organisation will not have sufficient knowledge about how many customers are dissatisfied and why. Without insight into customer perception, the organisation can not react in time. Without complaints the organisation may not survive.

Appropriate handling of complaints is a prerequisite if the organisation is to recover the confidence of dissatisfied customers – and may even enhance customer loyalty.

A Complaint is a Gift quotes surveys illustrating how many customers do not complain about poor quality. They just change supplier. And communicate their dissatisfaction to anyone who cares to listen. ACAG also explains why more than half of all attempts to process customer complaints lead to even greater dissatisfaction.

In order to turn a negative situation with a customer into a positive one, it is vital that the organisation and all its staff with customer contact know the prerequisites for good complaints handling.

If an organisation is to have a chance of recovering its customers’ confidence by processing complaints effectively, it needs to create a good “complaints culture”. This means that everyone in the organisation needs to have a positive attitude towards criticism from “internal” customers and complaints from “external” customers. It also means that the organisation’s systems and policies should make it easy for the employees to process complaints effectively. And should make it an easy and positive experience for customers who do complain.

ACAG provides golden rules and practical solutions for processing verbal and written complaints respectively. The book also provides inspiration and specific suggestions for how an organisation can develop and implement an effective complaints policy.

The book contains a tool for surveying and developing the organisation’s complaints culture. When using this tool all employees acquire greater understanding of what it takes to treat a complaint as a gift. Finally the book contains ideas for how individuals can develop their own personal “complaints policy”, use other people’s criticism in a positive way, demand quality from others and complain politely and constructively themselves.

Pages: 60.

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