Putting people first

BOOK: Heart Work

Naslovnica Heart Work


Heart Work is about understanding and enhancing Emotional Intelligence for individuals, teams, and organisations, so that they can create good relations with their stakeholders. It’s based on Claus Møller’s extensive experience in shaping organisational cultures and organisational vitality all over the world. Heart Work is pioneering in the area or organisational emotional intelligence.

LEARNING: Practical Leadership

Practical Leadership 212x300 1

A unique  6-day programme based on the principles ofGeneral Business Excellence:
What it takes for organisations, 
teams and people to succeed in any business, company and culture. You will gain insight into practical leadership skills, which would normally take years of experience to acquire. You will be inspired and learn how to manage yourself and others and how to improve productivity, relationships and quality.

TEST: Personal EQ Meter (PEQM)

Personal EQ Meter A unique test to accurately measure a person’s Emotional Intelligence (EI) and help people improve their relationships with themselves and others. Improving your EI also allows you to be more successful at work and in your private life 

The PEQM consists of a test and a workbook for developing personal EI. It can be used as a career development tool or in a recruitment or selection process. 



Relationship building is not a fad but an evergreen concept essential for the survival and growth of any business.

Relationships are about building and maintaining good relations with all internal and external stakeholders (the ones who can influence our future positively or negatively). It is about Putting People First – before systems, machines and technology, about attracting the best people, recruiting the right ones, retaining them and inspiring them to perform at their best, and about creating a good company culture, characterised by openness, honesty and mutual trust. It is about establishing and maintaining good relationships between management and staff, between team members in each team, and between all teams in the organisation. Relationships are also about attracting and retaining the right investors and suppliers.

Emotional Business Excellence (EBE)

The three relationship windows represent the relationship behaviour that any company needs to exercise. Emotional Business Excellence is achieved when a relationship process is established and relationships are monitored and developed at all levels. The relationship process functions when all individuals and teams are using and developing their emotional and social capacity to establish good relations with all internal and external stakeholders. And when everyone strives to create a team and company culture that provides the best conditions for people to function well together and bring out their best.

This process is one of the four vital business processes to be established and maintained in any business.