Be a Double Bagger


Bringing out the best in yourself and in others – at home and at work. A tool to strengthen your self-esteem and encourage others.

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Be a Double Bagger

Bringing out the best in yourself and in others – at home and at work

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This Claus Møller publication can inspire you to be a dou­ble bag­ger or a “win­ner”, as in the world of psychology. Whether you become a win­ner or a loser is determined by your self-esteem, which is again determined by the recog­nition reg­istered by your brain. Recog­nition in its broadest sense is also called strokes. Strokes is the strong­est and best means at your disposal to develop your own self-esteem and that of others.

The publication is a source of inspiration and gives you con­crete methods and tools to learn to give strokes to other people and to receive strokes, so you can create a richer life for yourself and the people in your life.

The publication con­tains an inspiration part and a tool part.

Who will benefit from the publication?

  • Man­ag­ers who wish to learn to inspire their staff
  • Man­ag­ers and staff who wish to learn to function better in a team
  • Parents who wish to give their children the best  circumstances in life
  • Partners who wish to enjoy life and get the best our of their togetherness
  • Anybody who is interested in their own develop­ment and that of other people, of their teams and entire organ­isation

Ben­efits to the organ­isation

The Be a Double Bagger can help the organ­isation to ensure survival and develop­ment – and to  create a company culture characterised by:

  • Deep commitment, open­ness, trust and mutual respect
  • Recog­nition and use of people’s strenghts
  • Optimism, creativ­ity, humour, flexibility and positive energy
  • A sense of respon­sibility, loyalty and initiative
  • Low person­nel turn­over. Ability to attract and keep good employees

Ben­efits to you

The Be a Double Bagger can help you bring out the best in yourself and in others – at home and at work. It is a source of inspiration and gives you con­crete methods to:

  • Develop and main­tain a positive attitude to yourself and others
  • Strengthen your self-esteem and encourage others
  • See and recog­nise other people’s efforts
  • Accept other people’s recog­nition
  • Criticise other people con­structively without discou­rag­ing them
  • Put criticism of you to positive use
  • Be more tolerant and live with other people’s differences
  • Create and keep up a life with mean­ing and substance

Be a Double Bag­ger is about personal develop­ment, which is a prerequisite to the develop­ment of the organ­isation. An organisation’s ability to attract and keep capable employees and thus create an environ­ment in which everybody wishes to do their best is determined by the degree with which the organ­isation focuses on the develop­ment of the individu­al person.


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Be a Double Bagger is also available in Kindle edition.

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