Training, coaching and mentoring services

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We offer General Business Excellence training for personal and team development focused on each client’s individual needs along with their business transformation and human capital strategic journey.

We help our clients in four main areas:

  • Adding value to all activities at every level, productivity excellence
  • Relationship building and stakeholder management by EI leadership
  • Service excellence and human side of quality
  • Employeeship behaviour, shared leadership and Leadership Excellence with Managerial Behaviour

Our business trainers give relevant training and insight into the values, behaviour and skills that are needed by all employees to excel in their profession and industry.

We combine online and offline training, consulting and coaching activities to achieve the required end results, enabling clients to achieve success through general business excellence and talent development measures.

Our wide range of services, international approach, and ability to customise solutions to clients’ needs enable us to deliver powerful business solutions that make a difference.

CMC training services, learning programmes and tools enable individuals and teams to identify, focus on and work towards their organisation’s key goals. We help managers and staff to work together at the highest levels of effectiveness through greater trust, teamwork and unity.

We focus on the learning process and consider education an investment rather than a cost. The organisation’s ability to link its learning efforts to its overall strategy and vision determines the yield and output of the investments made in learning. Learning is an integral part of the ongoing process towards lasting success. We offer inspiration and encouragement to help your people, teams, and entire organisation take responsibility for shaping their future, translate learning into results – and strive for success.

Learning programmes does not only provide methods and tools for implementation but should also help inspire people to have a positive attitude towards development and change.

Practical Leadership programme

Other tailored programmes and short courses


Our approach

We believe that great educators take four steps towards helping people to develop: Investigation, Inspiration, Implementation and Integration.

Utilising the unique 4 I approach, we make a thorough investigation of the training needs and existing challenges. Next, we inspire people to want to learn. We provide people with the implementation tools that work. Then we help people to integrate the learning and achieve success in their daily lives.

We emphasize personal and team development through the General Business Excellence value-based approach that yields lasting results.

Why Claus Møller Consulting Consulting?



We always start by investigating the situation and existing challenges in an organisation. Gaining a thorough understanding of the present situation and the challenges the organisation is facing.



We provide learning programmes and consultancy that inspire people to develop. We aim to reach both the mind and the heart and inspire people to bring out their best. Inspiring people to develop and bring out their best through learning programmes and approaches that reach both their minds and their hearts.



We provide practical implementation tools that people can use to translate the ideas into action and produce positive results. Providing practical implementation tools that help people and organisations align their efforts and reach their goals.



We help people to “own” the learning, to integrate it into their daily lives, and to achieve lasting success.
Helping people to apply the learning to daily life and develop an ownership for creating lasting success.