Adding value

SEMINAR: Practical Leadership

A unique 6-day  programme based on the principles of General Business Excellence: What it takes for organisations, teams and people to succeed in any business, company and  culture. You will gain insight into practical leadership skills, which would normally take years of experience to acquire. You will be inspired and learn how to manage yourself and others and how to manage productivity, relations and quality.


BOOK: My Life Tree

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A different book about personal development. “My Life Tree” is about what the individual – as a staff member or a manager – can do to achieve continuous, positive development and growth. The book provides inspiration and practical help to develop a positive attitude towards life, create good relationships with others, define and achieve personal goals and acquire knowledge and skills.



Productivity is not a fad but an evergreen concept essential for the survival and growth of any business.

Productivity is about ensuring that all activities in the organisation are worthwhile and produce more value than costs. It is about getting the biggest return on your investment of time, knowledge and money.

Productivity is about adding value in all activities performed at all levels in the organisation, about setting goals and achieving them with an optimal use of resources, about aligning all efforts and making everyone pull in the same direction.

Productivity Business Excellence (PBE)

The three productivity windows represent the productivity behaviour that any company needs to exercise. Productivity Business Excellence is achieved when a productivity process is established, and productivity is monitored and developed at all three levels.

The productivity process functions when everyone is managing their time, energy and knowledge in the best interest of their company, and focus on value adding activities leading to personal, team and company results. And when everyone strives to make the company’s overall dream or vision come true.

This process is one of the four vital business processes to be established and maintained in any business.