Customer loyalty

TOOL: Reaching For The Stars

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A concept and a method to develop star quality in all teams, which is vital for the total quality of the organisation. It contains tools to monitor and develop the quality of a team’s total performance as well as the quality climate of the team – the quality culture. This tool is for top managers, team managers and employees in the private and public sectors who want to advance their team and total company quality.

LEARNING: Practical Leadership

Practical Leadership

A unique 6-day programme based on the principles of General Business Excellence: Learn what it takes for people, teams and organisations to succeed in any business. You will gain insight into practical leadership skills, which would normally take years of experience to acquire. You will be inspired and learn how to manage yourself and others and how to improve productivity, relationships and quality.

BOOK: A Complaint is a Gift

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A unique approach and a tool to ensure customer loyalty, which is crucial for the future of any organisation. Appropriate handling of complaints can regain dissatisfied customers’ trust and turn them into “goodwill ambassadors”.  This book provides golden rules and practical solutions for processing verbal and written complaints, and specific suggestions for how an organisation can implement an effective complaints policy.



Quality is not a fad but an evergreen concept essential for the survival and growth of any business.

Quality is about building and maintaining the loyalty of external and internal customers, about offering emotional and rational value for money, about meeting/exceeding customer demands and expectations.

It is about building and maintaining an image of the company as an attractive workplace with the best people, products, systems, culture and reputation. Quality is also about avoiding unnecessary mistakes, about doing what we do correctly, improving what we do, developing solutions to meet future needs and wants.

Quality Business Excellence

The three quality windows represent the quality behaviour that any company needs to exercise. Quality Business Excellence is achieved when a quality process is established and quality is monitored and developed at all levels.

The quality process functions when everyone is contributing to enhance the brand value of the entire company and its people, products and services. And when everyone strives to meet or exceed the expectations of their internal and external customers to create and maintain customer loyalty.

This process is one of the four vital business processes to be established and maintained in any business.