Personal EQ Meter (PEQM)

A CMC tool designed to accurately assess and develop a person’s Emotional Intelligence (EI) within 5 areas and 15 components. It consists of a workbook and a test.


Personal EQ Meter (PEQM)

The Personal EQ Meter is a CMC tool designed to accurately assess and develop a person’s Emotional Intelligence (EI) within 5 areas and 15 components. The Personal EQ Meter consists of two elements: A Workbook and a Test.
EQ means Emotional Quotient, an analogy to the widespread IQ tests. What makes this interesting is that your Emotional Intelligence is the only one you can continue to develop - even in adulthood and it is therefore a useful tool as a starting point for a self improvement process.

The Workbook
The Personal EQ Meter Workbook contains an introduction to the concept of Emotional Intelligence and a description of the five main areas and the 15 components of EI as defined in Claus Møller's book Heart Work.

For each component, the following is described:
• What the component consists of.
• What characterises people who score highly within that component.
• Why the component is important in one’s private life as well as at work.
• What the consequences of strengths and weaknesses in respect to this component are.

For each component, specific suggestions are given for improving your competence in this area.

The Test
The Personal EQ Meter Test is a tool designed to accurately assess a person’s emotional intelligence within the 15 Emotional Intelligence ("EI") components. The online test consists of a questionnaire with 128 statements to be evaluated. Your personal test result will be delivered directly to your inbox in PDF format - your Personal EQ Profile.

When you receive your Personal EQ score, you can find inspiration and ideas to enhance your emotional intelligence from the Personal EQ Meter Workbook. A deeper understanding of the concept of emotional intelligence for individuals, teams and organisations can be achieved by reading Claus Møller's book Heart Work.

The Personal EQ Meter can be used as a recruitment tool and a personal development tool. Feedback to and coaching of the respondent is advised to take place as a follow-up by a person who has been trained and certified by Claus Møller Consulting.

Our unique Heart Work concept has been developed together with Dr. Reuven Bar-On who coined the term Emotional Quotient ("EQ") back in the 1980s. The research and resulting book and test are unique in the market - both in scope, but also in application as we have identified the key components of more than 300 job roles, which allows us to assess whether a candidate is a good fit for a job based on the tests of thousands of high performing individuals.

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