A unique concept, which helps people and organisations develop an Employeeship culture, characterised by commitment, responsibility, loyalty, initiative and energy.



Mobilising everyone’s energy to win.

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A Claus Møller book illustrating what it takes to be a good employee, and how the energy of all employees can be mobilised to ensure the survival and growth of the company. The book provides inspiration and methods for everyone to show responsibility, loyalty and initiative. The book also gives specific suggestions for the policies and systems the company should adopt and implement to bring out the best in everyone.

This book is about management. Not about management for managers, but about management for everyone. The book fills a gap in the kind of literature that deals with corporate management and development.

Traditionally, the problems and opportunities of a company are seen through the eyes of a manager. Management literature is rich in descriptions of what it takes to be a good manager. It is difficult to find descriptions of what it means to be a good staff member. Managers must take the blame for failures and, in return, get the credit for success.

Claus Møller claims that the manager’s role is highly overrated. He seriously questions the prevailing belief in the management’s total responsibility for good and for bad. The management is only part of the overall picture and therefore can only be held partly responsible.

The book poses a number of pertinent questions. Can one expect to bring out the best in the staff when the entire responsibility for the results achieved by the company is considered to rest with the management? And is it possible to create good cooperation and commitment in an organisation when only the management – and not all the employees – feel responsible for the success and failure of the company? Claus Møller does not stop at identifying the problems. He makes proposals for solutions.

Through a number of precise examples, the book shows how all employees can be inspired to assume responsibility – to dare and to want it. This is a unique, new concept: “Employeeship” which stands for a special, personal commitment to the success of the company.

When all employees are deeply committed to the survival and development of the company, the company has an “Employeeship culture”. Of the many elements that form an Employeeship culture, three are especially important: responsibility, loyalty and initiative.

In an Employeeship company it is easier to:
– mobilise everyone’s energy;
– carry out necessary changes and live with them;
– attract and keep good staff members;
– ensure productivity, quality and good relations;
– develop the individual and the entire company.

Claus Møller’s book has its own identity, it is both educational and humorous and has a way of extracting some striking points and a pertinent moral from the familiar day-to-day life of a company.

Like his other books, the book takes a refreshing new view. Unlike most books about corporate organisation, it is not written for managers alone, but for all employees in the private and public sector.

Pages: 204.