My Life Tree

A different book about time and life management. It is about what a person can do to achieve continuous development and growth.


My Life Tree

A different book about personal development

“My Life Tree” is about what the individual – as a staff member or a manager – can do to achieve continuous development and growth. The book provides inspiration and practical help to develop a positive attitude towards life, create good relationships with others, define and achieve personal goals and acquire knowledge and skills.

Within every human being there is an unfathomed wealth of talent, which unfortunately, very few of us exploit to the full - either because we do not recognise it, or because we do not have the knowledge to develop it.

We can all gain this recognition, and develop our potential - and this book can help the reader to do this.

Both work and home constantly present us with a range of problems and opportunities, some of which are "factual", others "emo­tional".

Those which have their roots in "the world of facts" can usually be dealt with rationally, through experience and professional insight. Those which have their roots in "the world of emotions" are generally more difficult, often causing frustration or hurt; and it is frequently this type of unsolved problem or unexploited opportunity which stands in the way of personal or organisational development.

Very few of us are formally educated in the ways of the human mind. We know too little about how to inspire, motivate, or communicate for mutual understanding.

In our role as manager or employee we need to understand bet­ter how to achieve greater job satisfaction, a feeling of responsibility, or a spirit of solidarity and creativity; and we are often hesitant when it comes to handling the conflicts which inevitably arise.

If we are to function better, with others and for ourselves, we must learn the mechanisms of the world of emotions. "Why am I the person that I am?" "Why do I do the things I do?".

These are the themes dealt with in this book, in a way that is down to earth, entertaining, and serious, all at the same time. This is not just a reference book. It is a tool box with exercises for handling the many situations which arise in course of a day - or of a life­ time.

For the benefit of the reader, the author draws generously upon knowhow gained from his own experience, and upon a conviction that personal development is a prerequisite for getting the best out of life - a key issue if we are to solve the major challenges faced by both the business community and public sector, today and in the fu­ture.

My Life Tree uses the tree as a model for personal growth.

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