Online HR Companion

540.00 / month

Create General Business Excellence with your HR process in every team. Help managers with best practices, ready-made documents and templates.

With the Online HR companion, you gain access to numerous diagnostic tools and test for your organisation: Quality Climate Test, Organisational Employeeship Meter, and Team Employeeship Meter, Reaching for the Stars, and more.

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HR Companion is a must-have tool which helps you create changes in the HR processes and integrate the General Business Excellence model into your organisation at every level.

Many organisations try to create lasting changes in their teams and culture but lack best practice and examples of how their HR development initiatives could be used to support organisational life.

In these tools, you will gain benefits of best practices, checklists, templates and more which would require months or years to develop and modify. The recommendations follow the traditional steps in the life of an employee – from selection to exiting and give your quick solutions for your business.

Your organisation can also benefit from many diagnostic tools that came in this package:

  • Team Employeeship Meter: measure and develop a winning Employeeship culture
  • Organisational Employeeship Meter: measure and create an environment that is supportive for Employeeship behaviour
  • Quality Climate: assess and measure the health of any team, and get recommendations for improving the quality culture – a part of the complete Reaching for the Stars toolbox

Also, your organisation gains monthly professional support from our experienced staff for thorough implementation, and more suggestions or good practices.