Online HR Companion

This suite of tools is designed for organisation-wide improvements. It helps managers and HR professionals implement the General Business Excellence in their talent development tasks.

Transforming and improving HRD processes takes a lot of time and sometimes expensive external support. The Online HR Companion is designed to save your time and the time of the managers who are involved in daily HR processes: selection, on-boarding, performance management, and employee development.
There is no need to reinvent the wheel; instead customise and tailor to your needs the readily available tools, checklists, questionnaires to make them your organisation – all focused on putting employees first.


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Online HR Partner for talent development process

  • Employee selection guide
  • On-boarding guide
  • Performance management guide
  • Learning and development guide

Organisational Assessment Tool

  • Quality climate test
  • Organisational employeeship meter
  • Team employeeship meter
  • Reaching for the stars tool

Online Professional Support in Professional plan included