Practical leadership

»I’ve experienced the PL seminar – both as a guest speaker and as a participant with my wife. The content is so solid, relevant and useful in practice that I can warmly recommend it to all managers and board members. Claus Møller really knows what he is speaking about. He has created the results himself, which he can help others create.«

Waldemar Schmidt, Former CEO of ISS and professional board member

»The content represents new and relevant knowledge about practical leadership. The educational environment is unique. The examples are down to earth and can be directly implemented by the participants after the seminar. Management is turned into a “non-academic subject”, which should be learnt by anybody who is involved in the management process in the private and public sectors.«

Erik Johnsen, Professor, Copenhagen Business School

»Never have I learnt so much practical leadership in such a short time as on this programme. I was able to apply everything in my day-to-day life.«

Bjarne Gjørup, Managing Director (now retired), Top-Toy Group

»… All the examples reflected topical incidents in my own organisation, where previous knowledge of these practical tools would have led to much better decisions.«

Peter Aggersbjerg, Managing Director, TYTEX A/S

Practical leadership

Practical leadership

»A Complaint Is a Gift provides a great means for explaining how a company can provide service excellence and handle complaints through improved customer relationships, which ultimately will increase revenue and satisfaction.«

Thom Ray, General Manager, Product & Service Design, British Telecom

»Everything seems so complex these days. But Barlow and Møller have taken a tough issue and made it accessible, not only in the world of business, but also in our personal lives. I will never experience a complaint as destructive again.«

Russ Volckmann, PhD, Publisher and Editor, Integral Leadership Review

»This book treats service recovery as an art. The true test of a great brand is to leverage the opportunity to forge a new customer relationship. Through a careful blend of analytics, business creativity, and examples, these pages will convince you that complaints truly are gifts!«

Mike English, VP, Customer Contact Centers, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

»I have been a disciple of Janelle’s and Claus’s work in this field for a number of years. The channels and the transparency in which complaints can now be made, through blogs and chat rooms, have necessitated an even more essential need to handle complaints efficiently and promptly.«

Nigel Roberts, SVP, Operations, The Langham Hotels & Resorts