Concepts pioneered by Claus Møller

Claus has been widely recognised as one of the greatest innovators in modern management thinking. Among the concepts that he has pioneered you will find:
– Employeeship
– Putting People First
– The Human Side of Quality
– Personal Quality
– A Complaint is a Gift
GE Capital have placed a video online on their training portal where Claus talks about the introduction to the concept of General Business Excellence. All of Claus’s concepts can be categorised according to the 4 elements of General Business Excellence:
– Leadership
– Productivity
– Relationships
– Quality
We will continue to add to this section to give you an insight into the outstanding quality of these concepts and others developed by Claus Møller. In the meantime, you can browse the links in the left hand side navigation to find out more about Emotionally Intelligent Organisations and Leadership, as well as download and read an excerpt from the second edition of Janelle Barlow and Claus Møller’s revolutionary book “A Complaint is a Gift”.