New Employee Orientation (NEO)

New Employees Orientation is a programme for learning and development of a new employee, which provides further education in professional and general knowledge of a person.

  • The “NEO programme” should start immediately after the New Hire Training and Buddy Programme. In some situations, the NEO can start during the Buddy Programme. 
  • The NEO programme aims to building on the results of the Introduction Training Programme with additional topics that are delivered through experience, exchange and education. 
  • This programme should follow the 70:20:10 rule(Experience: Exchange: Training) and is customised to the person’s needs between the individual, HR specialist (learning and development specialist), and individual’s manager.




Experience 70 %

    Learn on the job, Job shadowing, Job rotation

    Refine role-specific skills

    Make decisions (with mentor if needed)

    Address challenges

Exchange 20 %

    Feedback from Local HR

    Feedback from line managers & peers

    Learning & Development advisors

    Networks / Networking (Yammer, Smarp, LinkedIn, Coco, Workday, etc.)

    Performance Development

    Social Learning

Education/Training 10 %

    Educational events and self-study opportunities

    LMS – eLearning, on-line courses, webinars

    Company Intranet / Sharepoint / Etc

    Public and Hired sources (e.g. Get Abstract, LinkedIN learning)

During the NEO programme, direct manager should:

Have a role and responsibility discussion:

  • What are Goals and Milestones (Objectives and Key Results) and what should new hire achieve by the end of the next month/quarter?
  • Be crystal clear with new employees in terms of Objectives, Timelines, Roles, Responsibilities
  • How the new hire connects to the company goals?
  • When will his or her first performance management conversation be and how will his/her rating be determined?

Help new hire further build his or her social network:

  •       Review social connections and add new connections if network is weak
  •       Include key stakeholder meetings as part of the program.

Run monthly Check-ins with the new hire:

Monthly Check-ins are very similar to the Monthly Performance Meetings which are following the post-onboarding time. Thus, they are less important in the sense of performance evaluation but more important as the preparation for the Performance Meetings that are delivered with all regular employees.

Monthly Check-in: Conversation Guide (Some useful questions to ask during onboarding conversations)


  •       Give me your read on the general situation at the firm.
  •       What strengths/capabilities are required?
  •       Which strengths/capabilities exist now?
  •       Can you offer some examples?


  •       What do you see as high priorities?
  •       Lower priorities?
  •       Current untouchable topics?
  •       What resources are available to invest against these priorities?


  •       Tell me about the control points,  both metrics and process, such as meetings, reports, etc.
  •       Tell me about some of the decisions we make.
  •       Who makes them, and who else is involved?
  •       How?
  •       What is the best way to communicate with you, including mode, manner, frequency and how to deal with disagreements?

Establish open dialogue

  • Discuss openly the following questions and learn from them:
  • How do you grow personally? How do you grow professionally?
  • Are you a better person today than you were yesterday?
  • How do you get your co-workers and direct reports to grow personally?
  • How do you get your co-workers and direct reports to grow professionally?
  • How do you challenge and stretch yourself?
  • Are you learning something every day?
  • What is your vision for where you want to go?
  • How do you get the company as a whole to grow?
  • Are you doing everything you can to promote company growth, and at the same time are you helping others understand the growth?
  • Do you understand the company vision?