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Based on more than 50 years of experience and continuous management innovation, Claus Møller, one of the world’s leading management innovators and pioneers, has distilled his concepts and visions into a lean organisation that helps companies of all sizes achieve success.

Claus Møller Consulting helps companies, teams, and individuals to succeed by developing their competencies in four main areas: productivity, relationships, quality and leadership.

We call these four areas “Evergreens” as they will never change, no matter what the latest management fad may be, and strong performance in each will always be required to succeed.

The evergreens of management

There have been many management fads that have focused on one minor aspect of some of the above, e.g. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) or Total Quality Management (TQM). However short or long lived it may have been, it has touched on a small part of one of the fundamentals of successful business, but is not a comprehensive approach that will guarantee overall success. In order to be successful in the long run, you can’t just focus on e.g. quality or productivity, but need all of the areas of Leadership, Productivity, Relationships and Quality to work hand in hand as they are closely interrelated.
Just look at the biggest and most successful companies of thirty years ago. How many of those are still around and succeeding? There are several explanations for the demise of companies with long and glorious histories, but if they do not continuously deliver in each of the four areas they cannot continue to flourish and succeed.

So how do we help individuals, teams and organizations to succeed?

We do this by providing open and in-house seminars, books, consultancy services, online tools and tests, and e-courses. Together these tools will allow you to understand how productivity, relationships, quality, and leadership are interlinked and how you can use this knowledge to improve your performance in all four – and get your team and organisation to perform better while doing so.

Claus Møller Consulting currently has offices in three locations, but we work with clients globally. Our offices are located in:

  • Denmark
  • Slovenia


Find out more about Claus Møller’s various concepts by following the links above, and find out more about the “management guru” behind them by reading more about Claus Møller here in his biography.



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