Employeeship: Mobilising everyone’s energy to win

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Traditionally, the problems and opportunities of a company are seen through the eyes of a manager. Management literature is rich in descriptions of what it takes to be a good manager. It is difficult to find descriptions of what it means to be a good staff member.

Learn in this comprehensive e-course about the essence of excellent company culture called Employeeship, and how everyone contributes to the success and aligns to winning.

Managers must take the blame for failures and, in return, get the credit for success. The manager’s role is highly overrated – the prevailing belief in the management’s total responsibility for the good and for bad. The management is only part of the overall picture and therefore can only be partly responsible.

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Employeeship is a unique concept; it stands for a special, personal commitment to the success of the company. When all employees are deeply committed to the survival and development of the company, the company has an “Employeeship culture”. Of the many elements that form an Employeeship culture, three are especially important; responsibility, loyalty and initiative.

In an Employeeship company, it is easier to:

  • mobilise everyone’s energy;
  • carry out necessary changes and live with them;
  • attract and keep good staff members;
  • ensure productivity, quality and good relations;
  • develop the individual and the entire company.
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