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Strategic thinking isn’t about detailed tactics. It’s about an understanding of your business’ big picture. Strategic thinking is concerned with the What to do’. By thinking strategically, you hope to focus on the things that are the right ones.

Why don’t managers think strategically?

  • They’re not trained to do so. They are trained for expertise in their business discipline or profession.
  • Most managers have a very specific functional responsibility (sales, marketing, accounting, manufacturing, HR, design, IT, etc.)
  • Their day-to-day responsibilities call for them to deal with tactics. They’re executing.

Strategic thinking is needed for creating oversight of how the organisation can excel in the future business and later appropriate strategic planning.

Now and in the future, any business, local or international in scope, is affected by megatrends that require your shared strategic decisions – a managerial behaviour on the company and team levels.

Company management
Company management and Team management are concerned with doing the right things and focusing on what is important to achieve the future desired state.

It is about evaluating where are you today and why, and then deciding where you want to be in the future, and how you are going to get there.

This strategic thinking is the company level goal-setting and problem-solving, and explaining the roles of each team in how to get there.

Download and use the pre-designed tools for guiding your thinking process in your management team.

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