Unique 5-week programme for leadership development in real life



  • Improved practical leadership skills
  • New energy and lots of inspiration
  • Learn how to motivate employees
  • Build better relationships and trust
  • Improve your quality and exceed user expectations
  • Improve confidence in your decision making and dare to make the ones you wouldn’t have before
  • Implement Business excellence in your organization
  • You will see problems as opportunities
  • Better career prospects




  • how to inspire employees to work to the best of their abilities
  • how to convince employees to work for change and not against it.
  • how to achieve the best return on time, knowledge, and money invested
  • how to build and maintain successful relationships
  • how to achieve the loyalty of employees, users, suppliers, and investors of the organisation
  • principles of successful, trustworthy, proud, responsible, and intelligent leadership
  • how to attract the right people and keep them
  • how to build a workplace with committed, loyal, responsible and dedicated staff

Open programme dates available upon request.

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Price: 1,800 €+VAT

Price includes:

  • personal set of materials, books, literature, and e-materials
  • PEQM emotional intelligence test with personal feedback coaching


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Who should attend this programme?


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Are you ready for new knowledge and experiences ?

Our leadership training focuses on solving real problems and achieving results in a demanding business life.


Contents of PRACTICAL LEADERSHIP programme

You will get concrete advice and practical tools to identify and develop your own potential as a leader. The contents reflect the experience of Claus Møller’s career as a management consultant, author and speaker and his many years of successful work with managers, teams and organisations in all lines of business in more than 40 countries across the world.

The education builds on principles that work in all cultures, countries, lines of business and organisations at any time.



  • Leadership Excellence
  • Your roles as a leader
  • The management process
  • Employeeship culture, characterised by everyone’s commitment, responsibility, loyalty and initiative.
  • Tools for management and organisational development


  • Productivity Business Excellence
  • The productivity concept and  productivity process
  • The art of managing time
  • Work-Life Management
  • Psychological time conceptions
  • Vision deployment


  • Stakeholder Relationship Management
  • The relationship process
  • Personal emotional intelligence. You will test your own emotional intelligence
  • Emotionally Intelligent leadership
  • Organisational vitality


  • Quality Business Excellence
  • The quality concept
  • The quality process
  • Personal Quality
  • Ideal and Actual levels of Performance
  • Team Quality
  • Quality Climate

Who should attend this programme?

Practical Leadership is focused on the real world – where everything does not go by the book! This seminar is intended for managers, executives and directors who want to apply leadership that brings results and learn how to focus their business excellence around key stakeholders; namely their people.


”Perfectly organized and preformed seminar.; Excellent conceptualized program with useful topics worth to be known | learned | practiced. Clear messages, organized and linked directly to professional and private life.”

Sandoz d.d.



”Never have I learnt so much practical leadership in such a short time as on this programme. I was able to apply everything in my day-to-day life.”

former Managing Director, Top-Toy Group


”I’ve experienced the PL seminar – both as a guest speaker and as a participant with my wife. The content is so solid, relevant and useful in practice that I can warmly recommend it to all managers and board members. Claus Møller really knows what he is speaking about. He has created the results himself, which he can help others create.”

Former CEO of ISS and professional board member


”… All the examples reflected topical incidents in my own organisation, where previous knowledge of these practical tools would have led to much better decisions.”

Managing Director, TYTEX A/S



The approach is informal, open, relaxed and inspiring. The education is interactive and multiple learning approaches are used: lectures, discussions, workshops, tests, exercises, and games. The participants spend most of the time together; they take their meals together and enjoy socialising and the informal discussions outside the learning sessions (for in-person seminars only).

For each learning module, the participants receive extensive documentation such as books, tests, checklists and other physical or digital tools.
Number of participants: Maximum of 20.
For more information download the programme brochure or write to us at [email protected]. Choose your date and send us an inquiry. We look forward to meeting you!

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