Practical Leadership

 Practical Leadership is a unique 6 day programme, developed by Claus Møller. This is the world’s first practical programme for managers and executives based around the principles of General Business Excellence. Get new energy and lots of inspiration from attending and contribute to and profit from the international network that you will become part of.

You will gain insight into practical leadership skills, which would normally take years of experience to acquire; learn how to implement and live the principles of practical leadership and create better results. See how problems can become opportunities and improve your decision-making.  

Benefits of learning the Practical Leadership principles

 The education provides the hands-on knowledge, techniques and insights it takes to apply practical leadership skills. It enables the participants to directly implement and integrate in their daily work what they have learned.

 Among other things you will learn how to improve your results focus; manage your time and relationships; improve your personal quality; identify key emotional barriers that may be holding you back; address the issue of work/life balance and many other issues which impact both your career and your personal life.  

On this concise management and life training programme, you will gain insight into a number of practical leadership skills:

  • You will learn how to implement and live the principles of practical leadership.
  • Learn how you and your organisation/team can achieve better results.
  • Learn to see problems as opportunities.
  • Learn to take decisions you dared not take before.
  • Increase your career opportunities.
  • Get new energy and lots of inspiration.
  • Meet other interesting participants and get the opportunity for many years to come to contribute to and profit from the international network they will become part of.


»I’ve experienced the PL seminar – both as a guest speaker and as a participant with my wife. The content is so solid, relevant and useful in practice that I can warmly recommend it to all managers and board members. Claus Møller really knows what he is speaking about. He has created the results himself, which he can help others create.«

Waldemar Schmidt

former CEO of ISS and professional board member

»The content represents new and relevant knowledge about practical leadership. The educational environment is unique. The examples are down to earth and can be directly implemented by the participants after the seminar. Management is turned into a “non-academic subject”, which should be learnt by anybody who is involved in the management process in the private and public sectors.«

Erik Johnsen

Professor, Oecon dr., dr.h.c., CAMS, Copenhagen Business School

»Never have I learnt so much practical leadership in such a short time as on this programme. I was able to apply everything in my day-to-day life.«

Bjarne Gjørup

Managing Director (now retired), Top-Toy Group

“… All the examples reflected topical incidents in my own organisation, where previous knowledge of these practical tools would have led to much better decisions.

Peter Aggersbjerg

Managing Director, TYTEX A/S

Learning in unique surroundings

Learn the essence of leadership principles that work. Attend a unique, concise executive learning programme in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

What you will learn from participating in Practical Leadership:

  • You will learn what it takes – in addition to professional skills – to achieve success in any organisation and in any team.
  • You will learn to manage your organisation or your team, so that you will attract the right employees and retain them.
  • You will learn how to inspire your staff to mobilise energy, pull together and bring out their best – even in times of crisis.
  • You will learn how to get your staff to work with and not against a change process.
  • You will learn what it takes to be able to add value to all activities and achieve the best yield of any investment in time, money and knowledge.
  • You will learn how to build and maintain the best relationships with your own, your team’s and your organisation’s stakeholders.
  • You will learn how to earn the loyalty of the organisation’s staff, clients, suppliers and investors.
  • You will learn what you as a leader should do to create a working environment characterised by trust, openness, pride, commitment, responsibility and initiative.

The approach is informal, open, relaxed and inspiring. The education is interactive and multiple learning approaches are used: lectures, discussions, workshops, tests, exercises and games. The participants (normally a maximum number of 25) spend most of the time together; they take their meals together and enjoy socializing and the informal discussions outside the learning sessions. 

The programme is also available as an in-company programme, either at the retreat in Slovenia or at place of your choice, where the contents can be tailored to the specific needs of e.g. a management team.

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