4 stages of learning

There is a model for learning. Learning is a process of 4 I‘s:

Investigation, Inspiration, Implementation, Integration


1. Investigation:

Learning starts when one discovers the right subject or topic to be studied. Investigation is about discovering the environment and finding out the real problem and the context in which the subject is important.

2. Inspiration:

Learning demands an inspiring environment in which motivated people can learn. When people feel motivated to learn they show enthusiasm for their subject and will be more ready to link the learning to their lives. 

3. Implementation:

A learner has to spend time on learning. And they need tools for implementation.

Learning should provide implementation tools in order to go from the theoretical to the practical, from the conceptual to the concrete.

4. Integration:

A person needs to own the knowledge. They need to make it part of their own way of working – integrate the learning in one’s own ways.

On a company level, that means to integrate a new behaviour into systems and processes.

On a personal level it means to integrate your new knowledge into your life – creating a new habit.