RFTS: Productivity, relationship, and quality

A produc­tive team has clear goals and achieves these goals through the optimum use of resources. The goals are known and accepted by everyone in the team.

Everybody knows their “key areas”: Areas within which results are to be achieved.

Priorities and deadlines are under con­trol. Everybody knows which tasks they are to perform and by when, in order to achieve the goals.

Activities are co-ordinated, so everybody pulls together in the same direc­tion.

Time is spent on the important things – the things that create results. People do not just talk about things – they do something about them.


A team with good relations is a team in which the members are happy and inspired to do their best:

  • The communication style is charac­terised by open­ness, trust and mutual respect. People get on well together.
  • There is a balance between the development of the team and that of the individual member.
  • There is a team spirit and a “we” culture. The team func­tions well with people and groups outside the team.


A team with a high quality level has clear quality goals which are known and accepted by its members.

The team always achieves the overall performance  demanded and expected by other people and by the team members themselves.

Everybody is committed to the quality process.