Reaching for the Stars

Claus Møller calls these three areas the evergreens of the organ­isation, because they will never become outdated. They should be a permanent part of the goals of any organ­isation and remain the same.

However, demands and expec­tations on them are con­stantly increased, and it is necessary to keep changing the way the goals are achieved. In order to meet the demands that the organisation is fac­ing, it is necessary to keep working con­stantly at finding better methods and tools to increase produc­tivity, improve relations and develop quality.

Team Productivity

A produc­tive team has clear goals and achieves these goals through the optimum use of resources. The goals are known and accepted by everyone in the team.

Team Relations

A team with good relations is a team in which the members are happy and inspired to do their best.

Team Quality

A team with a high quality level has clear quality goals which are known and accepted by its members. Everybody is committed to the quality process.


1) Star Quality

2) Value Indicator

3) Quality Climate