Teamship Meter


Winning teams in sports and in organisations. A tool to develop “Teamship” – team spirit and team competence in any team in any organisation.

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Teamship Meter

Win­ning teams in sports and in organisation

A tool to monitor, develop and shape the team culture. An organisation may be described as a “team of teams”. The success of any organisation depends on the suc­cess of each team and the teams’ ability to co-operate and support each other.

A successful team displays “Teamship”. Teamship exists when everyone in the team:

  • is capable, i.e. has the adequate skills and knowledge
  • is willing to co-operate and to bring out their best as an individual performer and as a team member
  • has the freedom to take responsibility and initiative.

This tool helps you to develop and sustain Teamship and create winning teams, real teams – rather than just working groups.

In ourexperience, the following 15 factors characterise winning teams

1.    Each team member brings out their best
2.    Everyone identifies with the vision
3.    Success criteria are shared
4.    The team is organized around its success criteria
5.    Everyone is willing to change instantly
6.    The team can overcome obstacles
7.    Everyone possesses professional skills
8.    Everyone has relational skills
9.    The team is a “we team”
10.    Everyone learns and shares
11.    The team is a “whole” team
12.    The team leader is visible
13.    The team leader helps everyone to achieve success
14.    The team leader enjoys respect
15.    Good performance is rewarded


This test is a prac­tical  help for management, team leaders and team members to compose and develop winning teams. The accompanying booklet, suggests how company teams can profit from adopt­ing the charac­teristics of winning foot­ball teams.

All team members conducting this tool can access the booklet from the survey tool. The book includes 3 tools:

Teamship Meter report – A report with explanation of the 15 factors, and further suggestions for shaping the team culture.

Can/will model – A tool to put together a winning team.

Teamship policy – A tool to shape the Teamship culture in organisations.


The book is for everyone:

Team leaders

The team leader can obtain inspiration and specific tools to:

  • create a high performing team
  • ensure the right team spirit
  • gain respect from the team members
  • achieve bet­ter results.

Team members

All employees can find inspiration and help to:

  • become a high performer
  • understand their own role as a team member
  • adopt the attitude: “I play for myself and the team to win”
  • take responsibility for the suc­cess and failure of the team
  • achieve bet­ter opportunities, influence, career, compensation, rec­ognition, and quality of life.