Introduction to Employee Selection

”One can take the right decision by selecting the right employee or one can correctly decide not to select a wrong person, which is the right decision too.”

Saving the selection process from failing by making the right decisions requires allocating enough time and adequate resources. We often see two reasons for making a wrong decision in organisations:

  • Time pressure which when a strong need for filling a position lasts too long or occurs suddenly
    An organisation should always be prepared with enough options for selecting the right person. It should develop a broad pool of candidates, nurture them, and keep top candidates on its radar.
  • Unclear or ambiguous description of a job-role, which does not correspond to the actual needs of the job and the organisation
    Organisations should ensure the job description is clear and concise and define the needs and expectations in each job-role.

The following suggestions will create an effective environment for employee selection process:

  1. Create and continually maintain a broad pool of candidates
  2. Update job descriptions with job roles and key areas of responsibilities
  3. Selection is not ”shopping”
  4. Select for Business Excellence
  5. Check the success criteria
  6. Check the candidate’s results, not features
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