6. Check the results, not features

Transform your selection process in order to keep it modern and valuable process for your organisation. Traditionally, people managers are focused on finding in selecting candidates with experience and thus focus on years of doing a job.

We suggest abandoning approach of selecting for years on the job. Instead, focus on the results, and focus on related behaviours. Features of candidates are a consequence of doing a job in the past, and show their potential experience.

Past is no predictor for success in the future. Past behaviour is a potential predictor but is situational – and not always fit with reality.

Searching for a person with “4 years of experience in…” is the same as searching for a person who was 4 years at work.
The company actually needs a person, who was 4 years developing a process XY, made 12 mistakes, failed twice and achieve the goal.

Focus on results, not experience, knowledge and skills. The later are consequence of achieving results.

  • Define success criteria
  • Write down expected results and outcomes
  •  Compare expected results with your candidate presentation of results

If results are available, then it is not important to have 4 or 14 years of experience. It is important whether the candidate is capable of achieving results.

Doing these changes will help create HR strategy which supports the business strategy for growth. Strategic dimension of selection and placements are rarely part of company’s strategic plan.  Company’s culture which inspires and attracts can only positively enforce successful selection.

Once you decide and employ a candidate, do not congratulate him or her for the employment.

If you were successful, luck was on the side of your company, and you just got a great person who will work for you.



”After you selected the best candidate, it is time to on-board the person, which is the next step in the process, and will start creating the environment to remain “happy ever after”. For that you will need to create truly excellent employee experience, and we invite you to read the next eCourse: On-boarding Toolbox.”

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