1. Create a broad pool of candidates


Time pressure takes focus away from selection efforts. It puts it on the business processes where the future employee is required. The pressure made in the organization requests HR professionals to find, select and place new candidates quickly.

Unfortunately, the whole process is focused too much on the professional areas of new employees and too little on the general areas of the selection process.

One of the key areas for talent selection is the availability of candidates to choose.

You should strive to create a deep pool of potential candidates rather than a shallow pool. How many candidates are there which you can call for a meeting tomorrow? 10, 20, 50, 100?


Selection is a great effort. If there are many candidates, you have a bigger chance of selecting the wrong candidate. It isn’t easy to select four excellent candidates out of 150 average ones. If one cannot verify them, you may even not be aware of that challenge.

It’s sometimes better to have fewer candidates but verified and recommended. If you have four verified and excellent candidates, then you cannot make a bad decision.

  • Work on your pool of candidates daily.
  • Everyone in the organization should recommend new candidates.
  • Verify them.
  • Engage them early, track them.


Search for talents across boundaries; age, generations, professions.

Digital sources and networks can help you create a professional process for creating a deep pool of verified candidates.

  • Look at selection as an ongoing feature of your company with enough time allocated.


Selecting the right candidate is the most important process for your organisation’s future.  

Nurture your employer’s brand by involving everyone in your organization to contribute by sharing you company’s pictures, features, articles or blogs, culture, and stories.

  • Involve everyone, from the fingertips of your organisation to the board in creating attractive place to work. 
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