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Why not use Claus Møller, one of the most inspiring and engaging business speakers of our time, to light up a management meeting; an annual sales conference or an employee inspiration day? Perhaps you are the organiser of a conference and need a specialist speaker, who can help inspire the audience of delegates, whether they are top managers or line managers. Whatever your needs we can work with you to tailor a programme, which will tick all of the boxes and ensure an inspiring and insightful experience for your audience.


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Claus has more than 40 years of experience in public speaking all over the world and is consistently ranked higher by the audiences than most other business gurus when they speak at the same conference. If you have ever heard Claus speak you will know why this is the case. His ability to engage with his audiences and tailor the content to their needs sets him aside in a time where most people do the same standard speech wherever they are in the world.

All of Claus’s keynotes are tailored to the specific audience and a wide range of topics are available. Get inspiration from this list of topics before discussing your requirements with us.

Keynote Speaking Topics

Leadership Excellence

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Employeeship: Mobilising Everyone’s Energy to Win

Teamship: Winning Teams in Sports and Organisations

Management for Everyone

Practical Leadership

New Ways of Management in Times of Crises

Life Cycles of Organisations

Growing the Intangible Assets of Your Organisation

The Need for Change – and Stability

Productivity Business Excellence

Implementation Management

Effective Project and Meeting Management

Aligning People and Activities

Value-based Management

Vision Deployment: From Vision to Reality

Time and Life Management

Knowledge Management

Emotional Business Excellence

Relationship Management

Bringing People Together

Heart Work: Bringing Hearts to Work

Bringing Out the Best In People

Putting People First

The Human Side of Enterprise

Being a Double Bagger

Work/Life Balance

The Human Factor

Putting Staff First or Putting Customers First?

Putting Hearts to Work: Growing the Human Capital of the Organisation

The Human Factor in Change Processes

Trust: The Basis of Good Relations

Quality Business Excellence

The Human Side of Quality

Personal Guarantee

A Complaint is a Gift

Bringing Quality Processes to Life

Success Criteria in the Service Industry

Building the Brand

Service Excellence

The New Competencies of Today’s Leader

A series of keynotes, which are especially relevant today:

Crisis – Danger or Opportunity?

Winning in the Era of the Human Capital

Innovation and Employeeship: The Critical Success Factors For The New Reality

Achieving Success in a Change Process

Successful Mergers

Early Warning Systems

We can work with you to tailor a programme, which will ensure an inspiring and insightful experience of your organisation / team. All topics can also be tailored to a mixed audience, e.g. an industry specific conference or reunion. 

Get inspiration from this list of topics before discussing your requirements with us.


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